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These screenshots of our document storage software will show you how quick and simple it is to use.

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The main screen of our document management system.

Main screen
Based on the information you entered, you can see at a glance the contents of each storage box and where that box is located.
File folders can have more than one label

File Folders
File Folders are identified by the Name, the Period, and the type of Document they contain. As in real life, file folders can contain more than one Name. You define your own Periods and Document Types.
Searching for file folders is quick and easy

Folder Search
Search for file folders by Name, Period, Document Type, or Document Category. You can print results of your search or save the results to a data file with the click of a button. And you can edit the file folders (and the storage boxes they are stored in) right from here.
Print labels in a wide variety of Avery© style formats

Folder Labels
Select from a wide variety of Avery© style labels. You can choose whether to include the Period, Document Type, or Document Category when printing labels. And you can format the information printed on the label.

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